Audition Manager


software allows you to easily register schools and students for any large audition...


Choir, Band, Orchestra, or any other group where accurate scoring is imperative.

The steps are easy…

SetupTell Audition Manager the names of the performing groups, what categories will be judged, who will be judging the different categories, and what type of scoring is needed.

Student / School Registration… Here you have two choices… 1) Type in all the names and student data, or 2) Use Remote Registration which allows directors to register their students from their office desk so that data can be retrieved automatically.

JudgeAgain, there are two choices… 1) Keyboard the students score, or 2) Use the Chatsworth Card reader for fast, accurate scoring.

Print the ResultsPrint routines are already set up for you. Just seconds after the last student’s score is completed, the results can be printed and posted.



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