Audition Manager will assign each judge a number based on your criteria in the Setup/Judge module.

Different scoring criteria can be set up for each category. In this list there you’ll notice that winds use one scoring set and percussion another. The Setup/Scoring module allows you to specify scoring values.

You’ll likely find listed all the categories necessary for judging choirs, bands, and orchestras. If you need one for basket weaving, you can add that by clicking the “Add a Category” button at the bottom of the screen.

Turn each category that you’re going to use on by checking in this column.

Type the number of judges for each category: 1 to 5.

If you’d like to drop the high/low judge score, check this column.

If there’s a category not on the list, you can add as many as you need by clicking this button.

When you purchase Audition Manager, you also receive Remote Registration which allows each director to register his students at his desk in his office and send that data to you via the internet. For him to do that, he’ll need the Remote Registration and the companion file created by this button. The companion file tells Audition Manager which categories will be used at the audition event.


There’s no extra charge for Remote Registration. Both Mac and PC versions will be supplied.

Click “Add A Category” too many times? Click here to remove.

The last columns allow you to specify how many will be selected for each performing group.

The computer tracks the number of students registered and auditioned  for each category.