After the entry deadline…


1. Create a directory on your hard disks for all the files that were attached to emails. Move the files from the emails to the directory you just created.

2. Have Audition Manager import the data from the files in this directory.

3. Check the Student window and the Setup/Scheduling window to see if the time allotments are as you wish. If you want to make changes in time allotment, that can be done now. To have the computer assign the time allotment, in the Setup/Scheduling window make sure you specified the Minimum and Maximum time for each category, click “Adjust Time”, then ”Apply to Schedule.”

4. If you need to “randomize” the schedule, select that feature from the “Tools” from the top menu. You may scramble as many times as you wish. Each time the schedule will be completely different.

5. From the “Students” window, click the school heading to sort in school order.

6. Print out the school-sorted order. If you’re working on Mac 10 or have Acrobat Distiller installed on your computer, you can print to a PDF file which you can post on your website or email to directors. Everyone will now have a complete schedule of events for the day.