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There are several reasons:

1. There are fewer people on campus at a given time during the day. Crowd management is so much easier!

2. Directors can post schedules and directions and tell the students to arrive one hour before the audition. No more renting buses and staying all day.

3. Students can go home after their audition. Results can be posted on a web page for them to check later.



At home I have a PC, but at school I have a Mac. Iíd like to email my data to myself at school and continue working on Audition Manager there. Possible?


You should have no problems switching between platforms.



I know, Iím strangeÖ but I need a Linux version. Do you have one?


Yes and no. Yes we can compile to Linux, but we have not tested this version. If you would like to give it a try, let us know.


Here are the system requirements: Any x86-based Linux distribution with GTK+ 2.0 (or higher), Glibc-2.3 (or higher) and CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), which includes: Red Hat Enterprise 3, SuSE Linux 8.1 (and higher), Mandrake Linux 9.1 (and higher)



I see in your list of categories there is no Bass Trombone. We need this category. Can it be added?


Yes, you can add as many different categories as you like. Use the button at the bottom, left of the Setup/Categories screen.



Iíd like to see how each school did at the auditions. Can Audition Manager display this?


Yes. Go to the Results window and click the school heading.



Iím very concerned that the judges will make marks on the card that will confuse Audition Manager? Do we need to add extra people to check each form?


The likelihood of confusing the Chatsworth Card Reader or Audition Manager is very slim. There are extensive error checking routines to catch double-marked lines, omitted lines, stray marks, omitted or incorrect ID numbers, and judge number errors.



What happens if someone bubbles in the wrong ID number on an Adjudication Form?


ID numbers are absolutely THE most critical element in all the scoring.


Audition Manager does check to see if a student has already received scores which makes it possible to catch some ID errors; but, this is not always effective. What if the wrong ID number belongs to a no-show? You might never notice the error.