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When I purchase Audition Manager, do I need to specify which version I need: PC, Mac 10.x, or Mac 9.x ?


No. You will receive all three versions of both Audition Manager and Remote Registration. All the files created by these two program are completely interchangeable. For example, you can start on a PC, then change to a Mac. Just bring your data file with you.



We have 200 people in our band association. Is it really OK to send a copy of Remote Registration to all these people at no additional charge?


Absolutely. To make Audition Manager as time-saving as possible, it is necessary to get data as conveniently as possible.



I hate installing another program on my PC. I always seem to have registry problems when Iím finished. Does Audition Manager mess with the registry?


Good news! Audition Manager and Remote Registration do not affect the registry at all. You can simply place it in any directory and begin using it. There is no installation procedure.



We donít want a time schedule. Do I have to use a schedule?


No. Itís not required. When you do your printout, you can specify that times should not be printed.



I think Iíve found a bug in the program. What do I do.


Contact Barry Lumpkin immediately. Be prepared to give him very specific information about when the problem occurred and what error messages were given. Sometimes he can have the problem corrected in less than 24 hours.



How do I create a printout of all the students listed alphabetically?


Go to the ďStudentsĒ window. Click the Last Name heading. Print.



Whatís the best way for the chair of the event to keep up with all the emails with attachments?


Most email services allow the user to create aliases. For example, if your email address is, you could create a new one called Have all your Remote Registration email sent to this account. Then, using the search feature of your email program, you can get a list of all emails to with attachments.


Some users choose to set up their email program to automatically send Remote Registration emails to a separate directory. In Outlook Express, Tools/Message Rules has this feature.



Why put the students on an audition schedule rather than having all of them stay on property until all auditions are done.