Audition Manager PC  Version


Audition Manager OS 10  Version

To run Audition Manager with Sierra, right-click (Ctrl-click) the icon. Then select open.

This allows Audition Manager to pass security.

Then close Audition Manager and open with the standard double click.


Audition Manager PC  Version (Old)


Audition Manager OS 10  Version (Old) See above Sierra instructions.


Remote Registration PC  Version


Remote Registration  Version (Zipped version)


Remote Registration OS 10 (Intel) Version


Manual  Version 7.0






Click VCP Drivers

and search for this device


for your operating system.


Microsoft Windows users may wish to download Setup Executable (highly recommended!) which is available in the comments column on the VCP Drivers page. After downloading, double click on this CDMversion.exe file to automatically install drivers. This eliminates the need to download and manually install drivers. In any event, it is suggest that you not use a beta version. (see comments column)


VCP Drivers for the Chatsworth Scanner


VCP Installation Guides





This utility will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the Chatsworth ACP100 up and down.


Scanner Sensitivity PC (ACP100 only)


Scanner Sensitivity OSx (ACP100 only)





If you’ve ever wished that the line scoring definitions were printed directly on the cards, Karl Stewart had designed a template to do just that.


Remember that any printing must not be in the scoring, judge number, or ID areas.


Karl is the Music Specialist for Baltimore County Public Schools.


Thanks Karl!


Word Document: Card Scoring Template

Data management for large auditions

Audition Manager

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